• Historian Professor James Belich wrote and presented 'The New Zealand Wars.' The five part series which was produced by Colin McRae screened on TVOne in 1998. It won the QANTAS Award for Best Documentary and the Media Peace Award.

  • Tatau Tatou was the very first programme to be shown on the new Maori Television Channel which was launched on 28th March 2004. The programme tracked the history of the Maori presence on New Zealand television, the history of the battle to secure a Maori channel and the aspirations of key Maori players in the television industry and the battle to save and promote the language, Te Reo Maori.The programme was produced by Colin McRae and directed by Colin McRae and Chas Toogood.

  • 'Join the navy, see the world' - it's an old line but one which 32 Snotties hope still holds sway in today's military. In 2005, 32 wannabe naval officers rolled up to the Royal New Zealand Navy's Officer Training School in Devonport - ranging in age from 17-year-old school leavers through to a hardened 34-year-old ex-army engineer. All had decided a life on the ocean wave was a life for them. They faced 22 weeks of intense military training - a lot physical, but also a lot spent in the classroom learning the many aspects of naval life. Snotties, directed by Chas Toogood, follows their journey. Colin McRae was producer, Anna Thomas was story producer, and Roger Yeaxlee was editor. Phill England was shooting with Don Anderson on sound.

  • Peter Snell and Sir Murray Halberg at Rome's Olympic Stadium in 2000 for the filming of 'Dreams Of Gold' documentary series produced, directed and written by Colin McRae for TVOne. Said The NZ Herald: "This brilliant torchbearer to the Sydney Olympics is an insight into a glorious era when New Zealand shone in the glamour of track and field events. It had pathos, heroism,humour and triumph."

  • Former New Zealand Prime Minsiter David Lange presented two documentaries for TV3 on his view of changes in New Zealand society. Both programmes were produced and directed by Colin McRae.

  • Pecking Order - where you come in the family and how it affects your behaviour, your profession, your health and even your chances of a happy marriage. Broadcast on February 16th on NZ's TV3.

  • Keith Quinn, rugby broadcasting legend who presented 'Legends Of The All Blacks' which screened on TVOne in the lead up to the 1999 Rugby World Cup. The series was produced by Colin McRae. Chas Toogood, who directed three of the six episodes won a QANTAS Award for Best Documentary for Episode 2 on the NZ-South African rivalry. Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand's Nine to Noon show called the series "Shakesparean!"

  • New Zealand's first elected woman Prime Minister Helen Clark who featured in 'Bring It On', our first broadcast documentary which screened on TVOne on June 14th 2004. The documentary, which looked at Clark's fortunes mid-second term, was produced and co-written by Colin McRae.